Searching for words that work?

Telling people about your products or services is easy. Persuading them to buy is a little more tricky. At Dream Copywriting, I help you make a meaningful, and ultimately profitable, connection with your customers in all your communications.

Wherever you are on your marketing journey, from strategy to execution, I can help: from defining your brand identity to finding your tone of voice; from pinpointing your target market to creating buyer personas; from a single powerful landing page to an integrated marketing campaign.

Getting it write….

Well written, relevant content is the cornerstone of effective marketing. It does its job quietly and effectively, telling your customers that you understand them and making it easy for them to understand you.

6-secondsWhen a potential client lands on your website, or picks up your literature, it will take them only 6 seconds to decide whether they are going to stick around, so get that first sentence wrong and you’ve probably blown your chance with them.

As you got this far (a good 20 seconds in!), hopefully you like what you see.  Call today on 01543 410717 and let’s see how I can help you to keep your customers interested.

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