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Here you’ll find summaries of my main areas of expertise but this is about you, not me, so feel free to pick up the phone and have a chat about your specific copywriting needs. No obligation and certainly no hard sell because I’m actually not very good at being pushy. Simply a chance to find out how I might be able to help.

SEO Website Copywriting

SEO Website Copywriting

In the increasingly fragmented world of online and offline marketing, your company website still plays a central role. It needs to stand out in searches, live up to its promise when found, sing your company song and make you money. If it’s going to meet those challenges you will need copy that works hard –copy that get you found and that converts your web visitors onto customers.

That’s where Dream Copywriting comes in. I get into the heart of your business, find out what matters to your customers and put it into words that connect. And I optimize it…. but not how you might think. I optimize for your customers first, then I optimize for search engines. What does this mean? It means I never lose site of the fact that you must connect with people. If you aren’t talking to them in a way that grabs them, then all the front page rankings in the world aren’t going to help you.

In short I ensure you get found, get interest and get sales.

If you want words that work for your website, contact me at Dream Copywriting.

Copywriting for Social Media

Copywriting for Social Media

You will know by now that if you want to engage with people in the age of social media you need to join the conversation. Your customers are right here, online. They are writing, talking, passing comment and looking for advice. You need to tweet, blog, post, comment and engage.

Your blog and your social media activity is such an important part of your marketing strategy that you can’t afford to neglect it. Done properly it works for you on so many levels; it helps you to build links, advertise your services, and stand out as an authority in your field. It keeps your website fresh and relevant for the search engines and it enables you to build a relationship with your customers and prospects.

I help you structure your approach, take the pain out of writing your blogs and put your tweets and posts into an effective framework. I help you with your strategy, ideas for blogs and blog content. I get truly under the skin of your company and I write as you, in your voice. Essentially, I do the word craft on what’s in your head.

If you don’t know where to start, start here and now by giving me a call.

If you’re already active but you are struggling to find the time or inspiration to keep it fresh and engaging, give me a call and ease the burden.

Let’s start the conversation…..

Email and Direct Marketing Copy

Email and Direct Marketing Copy

Direct marketing allows you to target your customers with relevant information and offers. Email in particular allows you to keep in direct contact with customers and prospects very cost effectively. Even better, you can accurately assess the effectiveness of your marketing and compare and evaluate different approaches.

Whether it is short or long copy, or more likely a combination of the two in a coordinated campaign, you need it to hit the spot. Talk to me about your objectives and I will work with you to achieve them. Anything from single, simple emails to powerfully persuasive marketing letters and campaigns.

If you want to keep in touch with new and existing customers, get in touch with Dream Copywriting first.

Company Literature and Print Ads

Company Literature and Print Ads

There is still a place in this digital world for printed literature. Your company brochure is a tangible representation of what you stand for as a business – its design and materials are as important as the design of your website and its content is as crucial as your website copy. If you want help putting together your corporate brochure, give me a call and I will make it earn its place in your marketing line-up.

You may also want to advertise your services by mail, in journals and magazines, or on posters and flyers. For this I write short, sharp copy with a call to action. This is copy that catches the attention, connects and then converts. I work hand in hand with designers and marketing agencies or I have my own partner design agencies that I can recommend.

For copy that jumps off the page call me today.

Press Releases and Media Kits

Press Releases and Media Kits

“If I were down to my last marketing pound, I would spend it on PR”

Bill Gates, Microsoft (Allegedly)

Press and PR coverage sit alongside a good web strategy as the most cost effective marketing you can do. A good press release is a godsend to the depleted news desks of national and local papers, and magazines and journals are always on the lookout for inspiring business or human interest stories.

Rather than paying thousands for advertising space you can often get better coverage just for the cost of a good copywriter. I will help you to find your story and get it out there.

Additionally, every company should have a media kit – it’s your company CV, an attention grabbing kit packed with information about your company, its history, successes, awards and accreditations. I can pull together your media kit from scratch or polish up your existing kit, ready for action.

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