Lost for words?

Wherever you need words that work, I write them…..

Digital Marketing:
• Websites and landing pages
• Social media and blogging
• Articles and white papers
• Email marketing
And Print:
• Brochures, ads, flyers
• Direct Mail
• Press releases

I work directly with companies large and small as well as offering freelance copywriting services for marketing agencies and web designers. I can also help you with  branding and marketing consultancy services and and I run copywriting training courses.

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Why use Dream Copywriting?

That’s an easy one to answer. Before the writing comes the research. I get well and truly under the skin of your company, ensuring I understand your sector, your business, your objectives and most importantly your target customers. Then, and only then, I write copy that gets results.

I approach every writing assignment with open-minded enthusiasm and I usually end up helping my clients to redefine their own objectives. With a fresh, objective pair of eyes and a dollop of marketing insight I can contribute much more than simply putting your message into words.

And to complete the picture, I am friendly, adaptable, and always contactable (a little bit of poetry there, yours for free.)

Oh, and I never miss a deadline.

Take a look at some of the jobs I have worked on – they will give you a flavour of what can be achieved.

My clients seem to like me too. See what they say

The Dream…and how it became reality

Team_Photo_1_400x400 I’m Ruth Sneddon, the founder of Dream Copywriting. I have years (ok then, decades) of marketing and copywriting experience for all sorts of companies and organisations. If there is one thing that lights my fire it is writing.

After nearly 20 years working in such companies as H.P. Bulmer and Coors Brewers, marketing drinks to drinkers (not too difficult a task), I decided that corporate life, whilst it had its upsides – not least a guaranteed monthly income, was stifling me.

I jumped ship, finally got around to doing the degree I should have done 20 years earlier – English Language of course, and took my first tentative steps into the world of the freelance copywriter. A love of words, a background in marketing; my general nosiness about other people’s business and Dream Copywriting had to happen.

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