Brand, marketing and copywriting consultancy

Good copywriting depends upon a good brief. We often find, even at some of the larger organisations we work with, that the marketing strategy, which should feed into the brief, has not been developed. If this sounds familiar, we can help you nail it.

You may be at the start of your marketing journey, or you may have reached a critical mass without having truly addressed what your brand is all about, or perhaps it’s just time to rethink your marketing and brand strategy. We can help you to align your marketing for best effect, including:

  • Crafting your brand DNA – its proposition, USPs, personality and tone of voice
  • Defining your goals – short, medium and long term
  • Identifying your target markets – and understanding what motivates them
  • Creating a marketing plan – to make your marketing consistent and effective

Drawing on over 30 years of marketing experience, we provide marketing and copywriting consultancy services and have a trusted network of marketing strategists, web designers and design agencies to call upon if you should require their help too.

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